A short history of street style photography

It started in the 1890s, when the camera became a decent medium for art. And it stayed kind of arty for almost 90 years. Until in the late 1970s a photographer named Bill Cunningham came along and helped street style photography conquer mass media with his New York Times column „On the streets“. A fellow student of mine once stated in an essay, that the beginning of every subculture’s end was its rise in mass media. This certainly didn’t apply to street style photography, as it had its real boom 30 years later. In 2005 with the launch of the first big street style blog “The Sartorial” and since 2008 with the upcoming trend of fashion and personal style blogging.

How to street style

What started off as a documentary form of photography became an instrument for self-expression. Especially during fashion weeks, fashionistas like dressing up for the street style photographer’s cameras. I want to share some tips today on how you will not go unnoticed during show season madness.

Get inspired

Which were the most portrayed looks of last season? Have a look at other street style pictures and feel the inspiration coming.

Experiment with looks

Total looks are considered a boring affair. Instead of wearing one brand from head to toe, experiment with your look. Take one garment and make it yours, own it, implement it into your personal style and interpret it in a new way. Get creative, for creativity is what fashion season is all about.

Be genuine

Always ask yourself: Would I wear it if it wasn’t for fashion season? If the answer is no, go back to the first step – experiment. Grab attention in a good way. Experienced fashion folks and photographers will know, whether you are only there to pose in front of the cameras or you are in your natural habitat as a fashion show attendee.

Some photographers may ask you, if they could take a picture of you. Others state, they don’t ask in the first place, because as soon as their model knows, they are being photographed, the magic of the moment would be gone. So even if you are asked, try to keep the magic – act natural, be genuine.

Be confident

Street style photography is about trends and characters. The main aim is catching emotions and personalities. So be confident about who you are, wear more than just you clothes. Wear them with an attitude that makes you stand out of the crowd.

My street style of the day

In the featured image I’m wearing an outfit, I wore to Paris Fashion Week last year in February. The particular picture was taken in Vienna by Wolfang Major, though. The style features a kimono by Zara, choker by Claire’s, sunglasses by Bershka, white basic tee by H&M, watch by World of accessories [and not seen in the picture: flared jeans by New Yorker and platform ancle boots by HUMANIC].

Street Style Photography Workshop

We are still looking for models for our street style photography workshop, taking place on January 25th and 26th in Vienna. Please apply here if you are interested.

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