5 trends that have come to stay for the next season

5 trends that will accompany every fashionista in the next season: vinyl, red, plaided, athleisure, quillings

Fast fashion is getting faster than ever, but some 90s trends have been revived successfully in the last few months. And some of them even remain in cruise and spring collections.


Not only diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we like almost all things shiny. This season the high glossy trend continues to captivate us and our wardrobes.

Red Hot

Autumn’s trend colour number one also lingers a bit longer. It’s a perfect match for colour blockings or adds an interesting touch of colour to every outfit. Anyway you wear it, your red keypiece will always be an eyecatcher.


You think, we already have seen enough of glencheck, tartans and co.? Think again. Plaided clothes will complete our looks for another season. They also make a great pattern mix, if you combine different coloured plaids together.


Volants and quillings have been THE shit since last summer. They decorated our sleeves and added the je-ne-sais-quoi to our favourite summer shirts and blouses. Now volant skirts and shoes are the next big thing to come.

Athleisure meets tailored

Wear your hoodie under your blazer or to your pencil skirt. Fashionistas keep ignoring Karl’s famous quote about the sweat pants. Look at us, we are wearing athleisure in public and still got shit together! 😉

One outfit combining all these trends

In fact, I – personally – really have seen enough glencheck blazers in fall, so I decided to wear a dress for my trend outfit. Fort he athleisure touch, I combined it with a vinyl duvet jacket and black statement stirrup pants. Tough the statement „I’m never coming back“ certainly doesn’t apply to these 5 trends. Pictures have been taken at MQ – Museumsquartier Wien by lovely Katharina.

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