Paris Fashion Week, here I come!

Callisti Fashion at MQ Vienna Fashion Week Fall 2016

Fashion shows always cast some kind of spell on me. Whenever I attend one of them, I’m fascinated by the atmosphere, the music, the models and the designs. In March I will attend Paris Fashion Week and I can’t be more excited! Now I will need to brush up on my French.

Flights are booked, tickets are in. I’m really looking forward to seeing innovative designs at shows and showrooms in the city of love. Furthermore I’ll have a look at some exhibitions. Most definitely I will come back even more motivated and inspired. My mum, who is a tailor and fashion designer herself, will accompany me. Thanks in advance to everyone who made this journey possible and invited me to see their creations.

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Do you have any insiders’ tips? What do I HAVE to see, where do I NEED to go in Paris besides Fashion Week?
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