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You can never be overdressed or overeducated

With my first post I want to welcome you to my new blog!

I always wanted to write a personal blog but I asked myself too many questions:

What should I write about? Do people want to read, what I think or what have to say? Do I have anything interesting enough to say anyway? What am I really good at?


I started by thinking about the last question. I have learned a lot of skills and languages, have read a lot of books. I know a lot of things. But I realised: I haven’t really mastered any of my skills. Many beginnings, no end in sight. When learning new stuff, my main aim is not to know ALL about it. It was always enough to have an overview. I never found a subject, that I’m really into, that really captivates me. So that thought lead to another question: Which topic would be interesting enough for me to stick by?

This was an important question – not only for myself but also for this blog. It took a lot of time, trial and error to find my one true passion, which I want to dedicate my spare time, maybe even my working life and my blog to.


fashion stylists at work - behind the scenes
Behind the scenes: My colleagues Kerstin and Mirella and me at our final exams as fashion stylists

But then I found it: Fashion. I’ve always been quite the fashion victim. I have expensive taste and especially a weakness for shoes. So I decided to make the world a more fashionable and stylish place. That sounds a bit idealistic and that’s what I am when I got something in my head.

After some time of self-studying I started working as a personal stylist. I shopped a lot for others, combined a lot of outfits, kissed a lot of… cheeks, but I found, that this wasn’t quite THE thing for me to do.

In summer 2016 I heard about a new master class for fashion stylists – it was the first time something like that was taught in Vienna. I enrolled and it started in October. The time during the master class was very intense. The course and especially the final exams demanded a lot of dedication. I’m glad I have so many great people around me who are patient and motivating!


In fall 2016 I attended the Fashion Camp Vienna, a conference for german fashion and lifestyle bloggers. There I heard such inspirational speeches and met so many interesting people. That altogether encouraged me to finally start this blog.

After all I still haven’t given up the idea of making fashion tangible and understandable. That’s what I’m trying to do with my work and with this blog. That’s what I want to write about and that’s what I’m really good at. And I hope that’s what you will like to read about 😉


I’d love to hear your stories – what was your aim, why did you start your blog? And how did you find the right positioning for you?

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