From Fetish to Fashion – 5 fashion trends with a connection to BDSM

On time for Valentine’s day, Fifty Shades of Grey part 2 has premiered this week. As a tribute to this movie – and to Valentine’s Day, which in ancient Rome was actually not as sweet and romantic as you may think – I show you 5 fashion trends that origin from fetish and found their way into our everyday wardrobe.

From fetish to fashion – corset beltsCorset belts

The corset has two functions: First, it accentuates feminine curves. Wearing a corset brings your breasts and hips out and makes your waist appear skinnier. Second, if your waist is tightly narrowed down, you can’t move properly. The allure is pushing oneself to the limit and getting the feeling of being tied up.

The street-styled corset belts are not really comfortable either. But they too set the focus on our waists and make our curves look good 😉

Septum Piercing

Of course, there exist many different cultural meanings of the septum piercing, which don’t have anything to do with fetish. Nevertheless, masters often have their subs pierced as a mark of ownership – an alternative to the collar, which is more discrete and makes an even stronger bond because it has to be worn all the time. The fetish nose ring descends from the Japanese practice nose hooking, practically it is a closed ring and resembling a bull ring.

From fetish to fashion – latexLatex

The best known and most worn of all the trends listed here is wearing latex. We all do it – since it got common to wear faux leather. Which is actually a kind of rubber. Which again is latex. Most of the commercially available faux leather leggings are coated in matte latex. Couturiers often use the material in their creations because of its dramatic effect.


In the 19th century wearing a red or black ribbon as a choker was a distinctive mark for prostitutes. At the same time, high society ladies adapted their necklace trends and wore shorter necklaces too – similar to the chokers we wear now. In fetish, slaves wear collars in order to signal, that they are in a steady relationship or that they are looking for one. It can also mean, that they are under the protection of a master.

From fetish to fashion – laceLace

Lace doesn’t traditionally origin from the BDSM fetish, but it has also found its place there. It is considered a very sensual material. It stands for femininity and temptation.

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