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I’ve been a bit lazy lately. Do you know these days: You feel the need for a vacay so badly, you just want to lie down on your sofa doing nothing… And you don’t want to get out of your track pants ever again…

Well I’ve experienced these feelings for about 3 weeks now 😀 With one exceptional highlight last Sunday, when I felt motivated enough to dress up and go shoot. So I went location scouting in my hood – not too far from the sofa, please. And I even left my track pants on. Just kidding, I just love wearing jogging pants at the moment.

When I found a cool and quiet place, I took two pics and suddenly my tripod literally got blown away by the strong wind. As a consequence, the tripod head broke. So I went home again, photoshopped the hell out of the two pics I got, so I am able to show you my outfit in this post. And I ordered two spare tripod heads (in case one of them breaks again). Yesterday they arrived and guess what? One of them came faulty. No luck for me with photo equipment. So even after unpacking, I already am glad that I ordered two of the spare parts.

From today on I have a few days off. I’m spending them with my family and boyfriend. Really looking forward to the Easter brunch at my parent’s.

Next week we will have a special guest here on the blog. A new blog carnival is going to start and you will meet a person has been inspiring me and encouraging me to embrace my style for my whole life. So stay tuned and stop by next week! 🙂

Are you bananas? – The outfit

Yellow blazer with pearl details: Zara
Striped t-shirt with banana print: Zara
Track Pants: Adidas
Strap ballerina shoes: Zara

There would have been a striped bag, but I don’t wear bags for test photos at shootings. Maybe I will reconsider this habit in case my tripod falls over again. You never know. Anyway, I will show you the bag combined with another outfit soon.

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