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Jogging pants style

The great Karl once stated, that anyone wearing jogging pants has lost control over their lives. Seems like almost every fashionista nowadays is far from discipline in this matter. For months, athleisure street styles featuring jogging pants have been roaming Instagram feeds and fashion blogs.

And for one week in February sweat pants were the must-have for the contestants of the TV show Shopping Queen: From sofa to the runway, find your perfect jogging pants. So together with Ramona from Stylegart and other bloggers we took this theme to create our own Shopping Queen looks for our blog carnivale.

Ramona wrote in her first article on the jogging pants style about a café in Stuttgart, that would not accept guests wearing joggers. So I thought of a few places, where I would go wearing my sweat pant outfit.


Well to be fair, this one depends on your workplace. Ilja Jay lately stated in one of his articles, that the decision for his outfit of the day depends on where he works – suits for corporate meetings, track pants for the fashion store. The thought is hilarious: Suits or joggers, there’s no in-between.

When I have a work day on set, I always wear sweat pants or yoga pants, because I have to move and carry stuff around a lot. It’s almost like a workout. On office days I sometimes wear sweat pants that don’t look too sporty and combine them with blazers or elegant blouses.


And I’m not talking about grocery shopping. I like wearing jogging pants when I shop for clothes, because they are so comfy and you are able to take them off quickly when you want to try your potential new clothes on. Plus: right now they are totally en vogue and there’s always the possibility to get caught by the lense of a street style photographer 😉 Well, hope dies last.

The airport or train station

Convenient travelling is always a good idea. Therefore, you need a suitable outfit. And what would be more comfortable than a tracksuit? It’s known, that all the stars and It-Girls have one outfit for crossing the airport and another (comfier) one for wearing on the plane.

Your favourite kebab place

You won’t attract attention in a negative way – probably you are not going to stand out at all – when you’re visiting the kebab dealer of your choice wearing jogging pants. By the way, the best kebab in Austria is available at “Istanbul Kebap House” in Wiener Neustadt 😉

The outfit

For this outfit shooting I went to Burgtheater in Vienna’s first district. Actually not the right place for joggers, but mine are a bit different. Besides, I stayed outside the theatre.

I’m wearing mesh pants with pink pearls cut like joggers by asos. For they are transparent, I wear them over matte coated leggings. In order to complete the runway-worthy look, I implemented another trend seen at the latest fashion weeks: bra over shirt. For the perfect spring look I added one of my favourite coats and some accessories.

Jogging pants – Asos
Coated leggings – Calzedonia
Mesh top – Sequins
Sports bra, sunglasses, shoes – H&M
Coat – Zara
White fishnet socks – Mueller

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2 thoughts on “4 places to go wearing your jogging pants | Outfit

  1. Das Kebap Haus Istanbul ist sehr git, aber noch besser ist Karatas, ebenfalls in Wr. Neustadt. Ein Tipp von einer Ex-Wiener Neustädterin Abgesehen davon, finde ich Jogginghose gut komboniert, echt was Feines. Hoch lebe die Jogginghose umd weiße Sneakers! Liebe Grüße umd schmatz! Nikolina

    1. Oh danke für den Tipp, das probiere ich gern auch mal aus! 🙂
      Danke für das Kompliment, ich hatte auch weiße Sneakers in der engeren Auswahl für diesen Look. 🙂

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