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As I promised you last week, you are going to meet a very special person here today. Someone, who has a great impact on my fashion career and style. So today I’m going to put you through a situation ever lover or new partner dreads. You are going to meet my mum, Hilde. For April’s blog carnival by Stylegart by Ramona I teamed up with my mum, who has ever been an inspiration for me.

My mum’s a seamstress and responsible for most of the compliments I get for my outfits. Even when I was a child, she tailored dresses and coats all the other kids envied. Up to now I have always had problems finding clothes that fit, for my waist-butt-proportion seems to be desirable but not easy to wrap in off-the-peg clothing. In addition, sizes differ from label to label. So it is quite convenient to have a tailor available. But of course, there’s so much more my mum has done for me my whole life. She sit at my bed for 3 weeks when I have been very sick at the age of 6. She suffered and somehow accepted my stolidities and follies all throughout puberty. And until now, she sometimes saves my ass – for example at my final exams in fashion styling.

So with this post I want to say thank you. For always being there. For standing by yourself. And for being a role model. I love you :*

Polka dots – The outfits

Every month we let you chose one of four mottostyles for our blog carnival inspired by the German TV series Shopping Queen. This month you wanted to see polka dot styles. So I give you two of them. But there is another one on Ramona’s blog, where you are able to vote for your favourite polka dot style.

When I think of polka dots, the first thing that comes to my mind is rockabilly pettycoats. I used to wear a lot of them when I was in my teens (and maybe until my early twens). But they are not exactly how the trend is worn right now. My mum and I will show you two different styles combining polka dots with other current trends. I’m totally in love with these red vinyl boots by the way and once more I’m bugged that we can’t wear the same shoe size.


Red fake leather jacket: Orsay
White t-shirt with mesh and flock print polka dots: Orsay
Polka dot plissee skirt: Mad Vintage Paris
Polka dot scarf: Orsay
Bag: Vintage
Red vernis leather boots: H&M
Jewelry: Heart of Gold / Deltl Juweliere Vienna
Furry bag charm: Vianello


Polka dot dress: Orsay
Gold leather belt: ChiBriNo
Bag: Orsay
Polka dot silk scarf (bag charm): World of Accessories
Gold pumps: H&M
Watch: Claire’s
Buckled armlet: H&M
Cat eye sunglasses: Amazon

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