This year will be different – my blog goals for 2018

Colourful outfit and calendar 2018 – planning my blog goals

The New Year already is 5 days old, so I have to ask you: Are you still holding on to your new year’s resolutions? 😉 I tried an alternative mindset this time. Instead of resolutions, that ought to change my habits and make me miserable when I ditch them, I defined some goals I want to achieve this year. Goals can be measured, therefor they are more satisfying. And reaching them surely makes you a better version of yourself.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

So I already planned a lot of the upcoming (blog) year. And because studies show, that we are more likely to achieve goals of which we told others, I am going to share some of these plans with you today.

Leave behind what doesn’t bring you further

I wasted a lot of time last year on social media. For example by participating in Instagram pods, that are nothing but stressful. I want to concentrate more on my blog in 2018 and spend less time on social media. When it comes to styling, there will be more street style and trend updates and less editorials.

Start something new

In February, I want to start my own business as a visual content producer. I am going to organise and style photo and video shootings for and together with young professionals and creatives. Stay tuned for more, big things are coming 😉

Finish what you started

Be it books, TV series or half-written blog posts, I often don’t finish what I start. I tend to procrastinate. This will have an end now. At least for the next few weeks, as I am totally motivated right now. Wish me luck, so I keep my motivation and stay on track 😉

Be more consistent

My plan says, I have to do at least one photo shoot for the blog per week, which is quite much for me, especially in winter, when the sun sets so early. But tight now I’m really motivated and the first dates with my blogger colleagues and photographers are set, so you get style updates on a regular basis in 2018.

Even though I haven’t been very active last year, I got great feedback from you and I’m really looking forward to all the challenges yet to come.



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