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Shades of beige – Winter, I'm done with you. Spring wardrobe in the snow | that kind of style

Every night before I go to sleep I think of what the next day might bring. And which outfit would be necessary to make the most out of it. What I do is, I come up with an outfit, that is suitable for all my appointments, fits the image and transports the mood I want to represent. Will I go to work at the agency? Will I be part of an editorial shooting? Or will I be attending a blogger event?

So the next day I wake up, I have one last glance out the window before I get dressed. And what do I see out there, destroying all my ambitious outfit plans? A snowstorm. For winter is here. Again. But you know what, winter? I’m so done with you.

Well, you can’t do anything about the weather but accept it. I still want to get out and brag with my stylish spring wardrobe before everyone else. Hence I have to make some compromises.

The outfit

This week’s outfit would be such a compromise solution. I am wearing a summerlike white silk skirt combined with a cosy knit turtleneck sweater (which is my favourite by the way, I own it in three different colours) and a leopard printed blazer. But it gets even cosier with a fluffy faux fur / teddy coat. And here’s my secret to warm feet: I’m wearing compression hosiery. That doesn’t sound sexy. As well, it doesn’t look so sexy when you try to take them off. But the model I’m wearing looks like common fashion tights. Plus: they have a bit of a push-up effect on your booty 😉

Earrings: Iam Accessories
Knitted sweater: Zara
Blazer: Asos Tailored
Teddy coat: New Yorker
Watch: Michel Herblein
Silk skirt & Belt: H&M
Tights: item M6
Boots: Humanic

P.S.: Thanks so much to the ladies of MUD Studio Vienna for my camera ready make up and all the advice they gave me for achieving this look at home.

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