Feeling nostalgic | Editorial

Nostalgia | Editorial | that kind of style

Every one gets their heart broken eventually. Mine breaks whenever I have to think about you – again and again.

God knows, I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately. I still feel you next to me when I lie in bed in rainy nights. I still see you before me – your lips and eyes smiling down on me. I’m still waiting for you. I’m still idealizing you.

Waiting for you to realize, that I’m the one, not her. Thinking, you still are the man I got to know so many years ago. Pretending you still love me. My day dreams are making me believe you are my one true love. When in fact, I should think of you as my worst knightmare. I know all that, but my heart is far from reason.

We said good-bye a long time ago, but yet here you are. No, not you. Your phantom. Your ghost still lingers while all that’s left behind is me.

Nostalgia | Editorial | that kind of style


Nostalgia can be a terrible thing sometimes. It makes us crave for moments passed, situations lost and loved ones long gone. But how can we focus on our future, when we live in the past? Reminisce about the good moments you had. Learn from your mistakes. And live here and now, embrace every moment.

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Though this article does not exactly obey the rules, I thought, I might submit it to Sprotten Stories’ blog carnival. In order to take part, describe your nostalgic moment and submit it at the provided link 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Feeling nostalgic | Editorial

  1. Beautiful pictures and yes, you’re right, nostalgia can be a terrible sometimes, but it can also be beautiful. Such is life. Bittersweet, I guess.

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