FashionCamp Vienna 2017 – My personal recap

Moet Moment at FashionCamp Vienna 2017 | that kind of style

The FashionCamp Vienna is the first conference organised for bloggers by bloggers within the German speaking blogosphere. In October 2017 it took place for the 10th time. And I was there too, defining my blogging and social media skills by taking workshops and listening to inspiring keynotes. I also love to meet and get to know other bloggers from my area. Here’s what happened at FashionCamp Vienna 2017 and what I learned. Disclaimer: Some things are not to be taken too seriously though. 😉

I need to get my hair fixed.

That was something I realised the moment I entered the Le Meridien Vienna and lined up for admission. This week I actually wanted to publish a column about why I don’t care about getting my hair done anymore.

(OK, I am going to cut it down here: I suck at doing my own hair. Going to the hairdresser seems worse than going to the dentist to me. Because my dentist at least provides the feeling, that he knows what he’s doing all the time. So I’m fine with what I call the “I don’t care”-hair style I’ve been wearing lately)

But standing among these perfectly styled blogger girls, I felt a bit insufficient. Relieve came at the entrance of the second room. Hair professionals from O’right and GHD were here to save the day. So thanks to Maikel and the L’Oreal make up artists fro getting me camera ready for my portrait photo shoot with Cliff Kapatais. The result is nothing to sneeze at 😉

Portrait Shooting at FashionCamp Vienna 2017 | picture by Cliff Kapatais | that kind of style
(c) Cliff Kapatais
(c) Kathatrina Sudi / Ms. Curvilicious

Change your point of view!

Ever since I’ve been using Instagram, I have tried to figure out how to get such a beautifully curated feed all the other successful bloggers and influencers have. That’s why the workshop “Visual Storytelling with Instagram” hosted by Carola Pojer of VIENNA WEDEKIND. We got a lot of input about theory of colours and composition as well as feedback to our own accounts. The practical part contained two exercises: First take a picture of an object or a scene that appeals to you. And second: What can you do to make the picture more interesting? Take it again from another angle or more detailed. I liked the thought of changing the point of view (literally and figuratively). It makes a story or picture stand out, more personal, more unique. What brings me to the next point:

“I am not one of those avocado-bread-posters.”

… said Karin Teigl of constantly_k in her speech “BeUnique”. Her whole talk was very inspiring and motivational. And I feel her in so many aspects of my blogging life as well: My “Instagram Husband” always makes fun of me, when he actually is expected to take pictures of my outfits. Life, jobs and spare time need to be planned well, if you are commuting long hours and still want to get some shit done. And there’s so much envy in our society and especially in the blogosphere when eventually we would be better off helping each other instead.

What’s more…

The talk about legal affairs and rights was helpful as always. Especially in this time of advertising and labelling madness, smattering and rumours can be dangerous and costly. So the Q&A with two media lawyers was quite illuminating and informative.

Of course there is a lot of networking going on at conferences. After the talks there was cake, champagne and many instagrammable photo corners.

Bloggers taking a boomerang vid at FashionCamp Vienna 2017 | bride inside, froilein couture, that kind of style
(c) MCL
Red carpet at FashionCamp Vienna 2017 | froilein couture, that kind of style, oliviasly
(c) MCL
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2 thoughts on “FashionCamp Vienna 2017 – My personal recap

  1. War bislang noch nie dort, auch wenn ich jedes Jahr überlege. Die Workshops sind sicherlich hilfreich vor allem wenn man dann so simple aber nützliche Inputs bekommt wie diesen Change your point of view Tipp von Carola Pojer. Das ist etwas, das man mitnehmen kann und ich nun auch von diesem Beitrag mitnehme 😉

  2. Ich war auch am Fashion Camp Vienna.
    Schade das wir uns nicht kennengelernt haben…
    Den Vortrag von ConstantlyK fand ich auch wahnsinnig inspirierend und motivierend. 🙂
    Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Sonntag!
    Liebste Grüße Tamara

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