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I’m a new and proud member of the Comepass blogger network. Some of you may have heard of it, it’s a new community and agency for Austrian influencers and bloggers. And I can’t but highly recommend following these guys (well, actually these ladies).

At first, I didn’t want to contact networking or blogger / influencer agencies, for my blog is quite new and I don’t see myself as an “influencer”. Sometimes I don’t even see myself as a blogger – I don’t feel like belonging in this blogging universe. But still I dared it and I wrote to Comepass because I really liked their attitude from the beginning.

So it happened faster than I thought, that I came to meet Eva, one of the agency’s founders. I didn’t expect my blog to be interesting enough for an influencer agency to invite me to join their network. But during the conversation with Eva I realised: They think exactly the way I do when it comes to authentic influencer marketing:

Something needs to change.

Due to my work I know influencer marketing not only from a blogger’s point of view, but also from a client’s perspective. And by looking at this marketing form from the outside, I get the impression, that something is completely going wrong with influencer marketing nowadays. And obviously I’m not alone with my opinion.

I think it’s really important for a blogger to connect himself or herself with others. My experience is, that many bloggers live in their own bubble and  take themselves too seriously and – sorry I have to say that –too self-important. So it would be very important to seek exchange within the community and support each other. Especially as a blogging “rookie” one usually falls by the wayside.

That was when I felt, being part of Comepass might just be the right thing for me. Eva seemed to have felt just the same way, concluding from the really nice email I received after our meet-up.

Comepass blogger network | that kind of style | 5facts


Every new member of the network has to come up with #5Facts describing themselves. I’m really not good at this. 😀 But here are my results:

  • Urban Child – I already told you in my article about street art, that I always find inspiration in urban surroundings.
  • Ambitious – and a little fighter
  • Straightforward – I’m wearing my heart (and all my thoughts, actually) on my sleeve and being a little stubborn sometimes
  • Fashion addict – among other things my No.1 reason for starting this blog
  • Mystery lover – I always loved reading thrillers and watching mystery and crime series

Thanks so much to Eva and Rafaela for having me and – what’s more important – for your all-out commitment in changing the (blogger-)world!

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  1. This is very interesting – I haven’t ever looked into a blogging/influencer network but sounds like it’s working out great for you! I’m super glad because your blog is looking awesome x

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