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Glamping - Canping the glamourous way | Chalets and flowers | that kind of style

As a student I worked at a camping site at lake Woerth during the summer holidays. Since then I was always curious about camping. Until a few years later, when a friend of mine told me the story about her stay at a festival camp, her messy tentmate and a canned soup, that has been left open inside their tent for a few moments too long. That was when I lost my appetite for both canned soup and camping. So I realized, that I’m quite the princess when it comes to staying in hotels. Still I stayed curious.

Since my boyfriend is the epitome of an outdoor enthusiast – what I am clearly not – we are always trying to find compromises and looking for ways, that make the trips and holidays we spend together more than bearable for both of us. That’s how we came across „glamping“. It means „glamorous camping“ and sounds like the princess way of spending the night surrounded by nature.

The glamping site

This year we decided to spend our holidays in Croatia and Slovenia. Usually we rent apartments or rooms in private guest houses. On our way back to Carinthia, we stayed 2 days in Bled and spent the nights at Glamping Pribernik outside the city center (about 1.5 km from lake Bled). The main house is a common guest house. In the garden you find the 4 romantic chalets that are designed like small apartments. The kitchen is located outside the chalet on a small loggia and every chalet has a small terrace with a stone oven for barbecue and 2 sun loungers for a relaxed time.

Heavy rain started falling just the moment we arrived on the site. So that was the first ultimate test for our glamping experience. The wood chalet was really comfy, it stayed warm and dry inside. My highlight was the rainforest shower. I didn’t expect something that fancy on a “camping” trip. 😉 The spacious site looks really cute with its small wooden houses, almost like a small village.


Looking down at Soca Valley | Glamping - Camping the glamorous way | that kind of style

I’m not much of a hiker, but I’m totally fond of small valleys and gorges. After we visited the Soca Valley at the south end of Triglav National Park before coming to Bled, we also wanted to see some of the eastern area of the park. We went to Vintgar Gorge, a small but beautiful waterway with its own charm. When exploring gorges, it doesn’t matter whether the sun shines or it rains – you get wet anyways, no matter where the water comes from 😉

Vintgar Gorge | Glamping - Camping the glamorous way | that kind of style

For more active outdoor lovers, the Triglav National Park has a lot to offer: From hiking and paragliding in the mountains to swimming in lakes and canyons.

Cream Cake in Bled | Glamping - Camping the glamourous way | that kind of style

While staying in Bled, you MUST try the typical Cream Cake. It consists to 120% of sugar, basically. Well, it’s puff pastry filled with A LOT of custard and cream… but it’s worth every single one of its 460 calories!

Have you already tried out glamping? Where did you stay? And what are your favorite activities in summer?

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