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My initial blog concept didn’t actually save space for complaints about all the first world problems of the blogosphere. But in the last couple of months, a discussion arose, that makes me want to give you my two cents, too. A discussion about bought followers, like-bots and the evil Instagram algorithm.

You all need to stop freaking out about how to gain more followers faster, hot to get more likes for your posts and how to get this perfect flat lay, that your followers possibly could like. Focus on your content and let go of all that nonsense-bullshit-“I need to post something or I will be lost forever”-attention-whoring!

Sorry for the harsh words, but I’m really annoyed by now.


Back in a day…

But let’s start at the beginning. 20 years ago something really important and at the same time really bad happened: The internet. Suddenly you were able to communicate with people all over the planet, take part in different conversations at the same time, get information quick and easy, shop items from all over the world and many more. The world somehow grew smaller. Sounds nice, right?


That escalated quickly…

Our whole communicational behaviour changed with the uprising of social media and smartphones. Nowadays most people aren’t able to talk to each other face-to-face without constantly checking their smartphones for notifications. There could be greater news, more fun, prettier faces somewhere else. What I feel here is that we are losing our culture and forgetting the art of conversation.

That brings me nearer to my point of writing this article and sharing the harsh words in the first paragraph with you. In my cultural environment it was impolite to ask other people how much money they make. The equivalent question is the one about followers. Every time I tell others, that I am a blogger, they ask me how many followers I have on social media. In fact, this is why I stopped telling complete strangers that I am a blogger.

The next reaction to my answer usually is even worse. I, a (digital) marketer for more than 8 years now, get “good” advice on how to grow my audience – because it obviously is too small for a serious “influencer”. So I’m told to get Snapchat and do Instagram stories and post on a regular basis, which means at least twice a day. Fuck off! Once a year would be on a regular basis too 😛

I don’t really have a particular diplomatic core, but even I know, that strangers can get offended, exposed and pressurised by being asked about their success within the first minutes of a conversation.

Would you please stop that? It’s really impolite. Besides, why do you even ask? Visit my profile and find out about it on your own. Get social and get a life!


What really matters…

The real problem is, that some people don’t understand or don’t want to accept, that “success” is a very subjective thing. For climbers it’s a success to reach the top of a mountain, for someone who suffers from acrophobia it’s a success to climb some steps of a ladder.

What’s more, even the term “influencer” is very subjective. And as the title of this article implies, in my opinion, everyone is an influencer. We influence others everyday. We tell our BFF about the cute boutique we discovered. We tell a befriended couple not to have their next date in this hyped sushi restaurant, because we suffered from fish poisoning the last time we went there. My mother influenced my style a lot – and she doesn’t even know what these works of the devil called “Instagram” or “Pinterest” are good for.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have or who comments on your blog posts. I don’t care about how many people watch you via Snapchat or Instagram stories. What really matters is, WHAT you have to say. How much substance your statements have. For substantial statements you don’t need social media. You can “influence” others in real life all the time.

To all the bloggers and “influencers”: What I care about is, how good your articles or posts are. How helpful or meaningful your content is. If you avoid spelling mistakes. If you really dedicate yourself to writing your blog.

And this one goes to everyone, especially the real life influencers, all dedicated people, whether on a larger basis or even for the greater good: I care about how much impact you have. How deep the footprints are, that you leave behind.


The Outfit – Stars & Stripes

After these semi-deep thoughts, let’s head over to some more superficial stuff, because that’s why we all are into fashion – in order to escape bad vibes and evil reality.

Fashion Challenge | Who is Mocca | Hoodies | Street Art | that kind of style
Fashion Challenge by Who is Mocca

This outfit is my submission for May’s fashion challenge by Who is Mocca?

The theme this time was “Stars & Stripes”. At first I really doubted, that I could pull off a suitable style. I think, star prints often look childish and cheap. Though Verena left it to the contestants whether to use both patterns or not, I decided to go all in. So it was a real challenge for me this time. But I’m more than content with my outfit. I love these latex shoes, although I realised during the photo shooting, they are not made for wearing in summer.

The pictures are taken at Donau City, an office space in Vienna, by my dear friend Jubin. Check out his Instagram. As a graphic designer he creates really great and funny stuff!

And remember to show others some love, no matter how many followers they have 😉


sunglasses – Bijou Brigitte, tank top with side boob cut-out – Clockhouse by C&A, crop top with mesh stripes – Boutique Extravagant, striped wide-leg pants – Bershka Collection, latex peep-toe boots with star print – Heartred, glass clutch with “falling” stars inside – TK Maxx


Stars and Stripes Outfit | Patternmix | What really matters as an influencer | thatkindofstyleStars and Stripes Outfit | Patternmix | What really matters as an influencer | thatkindofstyleStars and Stripes Outfit | Patternmix | What really matters as an influencer | thatkindofstyleStars and Stripes Outfit | Patternmix | What really matters as an influencer | thatkindofstyle

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  1. An extremely interesting article and I completely agree with you – everyone is so focussed on numbers and theres a sort of narcissism emerging where the only way to look good and have an impact is based on your follower count or the number of likes you have. I think you are so right in the fact that if you can make a lasting impression with words and images on one person, that means so much more than someone mindlessly liking one of your pictures! Really interesting reading this x

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