Blossoming – Denim with flower embroidery | Outfit

Recreation denim and flower embroidery outfit – walk at the lake – slowing down

Sundays are for recreation.

As you may have noticed, it was a bit silent here last month. The reason is, that I was sick for quote a long time. I barely returned from Paris Fashion Week and immediately got the flu for more than 2 weeks. I blame it on the stress level I had before I left. But now I’m back with this springlike denim outfit with flower embroidery.
Slowing down a little

When I started this blog I knew that it was going to be hard work and beside it I have a whole lot of other work to do too – my job and building my portfolio. But I was totally motivated, wanted to jump right into all this. It wasn’t until I got sick, that I realised, how important it is to slow down sometimes. To pause for a moment. Sometimes to embrace a moment in order to experience it fully.

Sit down and relax

You can’t be successful if you don’t take your time and allow yourself to calm down. Sometimes you need to sit down, relax, read a good book, watch your favourite TV series or take a day trip somewhere.

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Fashion Challenge by Who is Mocca

Denim outfit with flower embroidery

I had this outfit in mind for quite a long time, as there is a new fashion challenge by Who is Mocca?

But in the last weeks my nose was so red, I couldn’t bear having a picture of me taken 😀 Now that I’m healthy again and the sun is getting warmer, I chose this outfit for going for a walk with my boyfriend at Leopoldsteinersee in Styria. I love being near or in the water. It is the best way to keep me from being stressed out. And the sweet embroidered flowers give me quite the spring fever. But this time it’s a good kind of fever 😉

Outfit: Canadian Tuxedo with embroidery, Swarovski Elements and glass pearls – Jean Louis Francois; Sunglasses – Stilsicht; Knitted pullover – Tezenis; Shoes – André; Bag – Black&White; Pearl necklace and sterling silver ring – Juwelier Deltl

Recreation denim and flower embroidery outfit – walk at the lake – slowing down

Recreation denim and flower embroidery outfit – walk at the lake – slowing down

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